Pacific District Officials News/Headlines

2022 USA Hockey National Championships

Several officials from the Pacific District were selected to work at one of many USA Hockey National Championship events. Congratulations to the following officials on a successful season:

Katie Glover (Tier I Girls)
Brie Stewart (Tier I Girls)
Calley Brandon-Laux (Tier II Girls)
Rebecca McFarland (Tier II Girls)
Teresa Owens (Tier II Girls)
Travis Jackson (Tier I 15O)
Gunnar Hanson (Tier II 16U)
Brandon Bathke (Tier II 18U)
Adam Black (Tier II 18U)
Tomas Blum (Tier II 18U)
Richard Cota (Tier II 18U)
Zack Davis (Tier II 18U)
Jacob Fisk (Tier II 18U)
Wyman Flynn (Tier II 18U)
Brandon Freed (Tier II 18U)
Braden Grinstead (Tier II 18U)
Alex Kitano (Tier II 18U)
Jimmy Kloda (Tier II 18U)
Nate Kozari (Tier II 18U)
Neil Liberotti (Tier II 18U)
Matthew Martin (Tier II 18U)
Michael McBain (Tier II 18U)
Logan Monje (Tier II 18U)
Jack Owens (Tier II 18U)
Kurt Rising (Tier II 18U)
Bradley Roberts (Tier II 18U)
Kyle Robin (Tier II 18U)
Ryan Sanchez (Tier II 18U)
Kacey Walker (Tier II 18U)
Jordan Watt (Tier II 18U)
Logan Wescott (Tier II 18U)
Toby Wolfe (Tier II 18U)
Jessica Jones (High School)
Sarah Trescott (High School)
Rylie Lisseback (ACHA)

2022 Pacific District Youth & Girls Championships

After a two-year absence from playing this event within the boundaries of District, the Pacific District Championships were back home. The Youth event was held at the Great Park Ice & Fivepoint arena in Irvine, CA., February 24-27, 2022. The Girls’ event was held at three different venues in Fairbanks, AK.,March 3-6, 2022. The games were outstanding, and several deserving officials were selected to work these events.  We would also like to congratulate the officials from the Pacific District who were nominated and selected to work the 2022 Pacific District Championships:

Youth Event Supervisors:

Josh Ellis
Thi Tran
Toby Wolfe


Tomas Blum
Chad Colliander
Richard Cota
Chris Cushman
Jacob Fisk
Brandon Freed
Eliott Grauer
Jimmy Kloda
Nate Kozari
Neal Liberotti
David Marlin
Adam McMasters
Matthew Norman
Jake Owens
Kyle Robin
Nathan Russell
Kacey Walker
Jordan Watt
Logan Trescott

Girls’ Event Supervisors:

Josh Ellis
Annette Lin


Brea Benedict
Calley Brandon-Laux
Jason Gilliam
Katie Glover
Nicole Godwin
Jessica Jones
Liz Kellerman
Aimee Konet
Michelle Lim
Rylie Lissebeck
Rebecca McFarland
Jack Owens
Teresa Owens
Brie Stewart
Sarah Trescott
Gianna Welliver
Samantha White

2021 ACHA Championships

The 2021 American Collegiate Hockey Association Women’s Division I Championships were held in Minot, North Dakota, April 15-20, 2021.  Eight officials from around the nation were selected to work this event, including Rylie Lissebeck of the Pacific District.  Congratulations to Rylie who was selected to referee the championship game! (Second from the right in the photo below.)