American Development Model

ADM - Through a Child's eye

"Great moments are born from great Opportunities."

The meaning of these words hasn’t changed since Herb Brooks used them to motivate The 1980 Miracle on Ice team. Today, we have a great opportunity to change how we play, coach and administer hockey here in the United States. This is our time to unlock the full potential that lives in every kid who laces up a pair of skates. And after researching hockey and sport and child development practices from around the globe, USA Hockey has developed a program that will provide a better future for all. All ages, all talent levels, all organizations, all of hockey. This program is the American Development Model (ADM).

The American Development Model integrates training, competition and recovery programming in relation to biological development and maturation. It offers equal opportunity for recreation and competition. It is participant/athlete centered, coach driven, and parent, official, administration, sport medicine & sport science supported.